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How Bulimia Harms Teeth

How Bulimia Harms Teeth

Hi there friends, the bulimia not only harm your body. But it will harm your teeth too. when it's purging, stomach acid rushes out of the body along with food. The acid comes in contact with the teeth on its way, wearing away at tooth enamel. As loss of enamel increases, teeth b

ecome sensitive (as the underlying dentin is exposed, and eventually the tooth's nerve itself), decayed (since enamel is a key defense against tooth decay), and unattractive.

Damage is not immediate; it can take two or three years to appear. But when it does, it's easy for dentists to spot. Restoring Damage to Teeth From Bulimia What a dentist does to fix the teeth (after he refers his patient to eating disorder treatment) depends on the severity of the damage. In more moderate cases, the dentist can cover the affected tooth surfaces with a protective layer of resin-based composite. For severe damage, some teeth can be crowned. But in more difficult cases, teeth must be replaced -- either individually, or by construction of complete dentures.

Many dentists will not perform cosmetic work on teeth if a patient is not in recovery from bulimia. Continuing to purge will eventually erode the teeth under crowns and other repairs, potentially forcing a whole new round of repairs (or tooth removal).

Care for Your Teeth in the Face of Bulimia

If you've been neglecting your teeth as you binge and purge, here are some notes on

how you can begin to limit the damage. Get treatment for your eating disorder. Make an ap

pointment with your dentist. Avoid brushing teeth after vomiting. This accelerates the wearing of enamel. Instead of brushing, rinse with water after purging.

Some dentists recommend:

Flouride rinse to add minerals to the enamel and neutralize acids

1,200-1,500 milligrams of calcium per


Desensitizing toothpaste for when you do brush

Brushing with a flouridated toothpaste before vomiting for added protection

Avoiding acidic foods and drinks like citrus fruits and coffee

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  1. Bulimia nervosa is another serious eating disorder that is harmful to overall health and to teeth. It is characterized by an intense fear of weight gain, the desire to become thinner and an inability to maintain a minimally normal weight for height and age.

    People who experience bulimia or anorexia do not receive adequate minerals, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients needed for good health. This type of "diet" takes a toll on the entire body, robbing it of the fuel it needs and causing potential injury to teeth, muscles and major organs.

    To keep your smile healthy, limit snacks and eat nutritious, well-balanced meals made up of foods from the five major food groups:

    breads, cereals or other grains
    meat, fish, poultry or protein alternates
    milk, yogurt or cheese

    by sufina niza (g76239)

  2. This only is a strong reminder how dangerous bulimia is. So for just an earliest sign bulimic symptoms seek for treatment right away.